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Three whimsical brothers who make games together

Our Games Are...



Too serious is no fun




You won't see it coming

It's good to be good



Taelmoor is a unique digital/physical dungeon crawling board game. It uses Scan and Play technology to create unique interactions between an app and physical board game pieces. 


QR codes on interactable objects enable a fun tabletop experience with the best parts of both a video game and a board game. Explore the world of Taelmoor through your smart phone camera, with epic tales and dangerous battles.


​You can play the Print and Play Alpha of Taelmoor today! Also join our Discord and Twitch communities to help us make the game awesome.

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Burning Skies

What happens when you take a classic space trader and smash a lil battle royale in it? You get this. You get Burning Sky.

All of us Delve Bros freaking loved the Escape Velocity series. Especially Nova. And it is a dang shame you can't play them anymore. Well. We decided to fix that. Here is Burning Sky. 100 traders enter, only 1 leaves.

Join our Discord and Twitch communities to try out the demo yourself!

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Stream Heist

Stream Heist is an experimental game designed just for Twitch. It builds on the concept of, "Infinite Multiplayer," What does a game look like when an infinite number of people can play at once? Chaotic. Exciting. Fun.


​The streamer plays an expert thief trying to steal the Mona Lisa, while the audience fills in as their expert tech team. Viewers can help or hinder the main player by hacking cameras, unlocking doors, or controlling sentry robots..


​Join our Discord and Twitch communities to try out the demo yourself!

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Good Squire

Born out of one insane weekend at the Ludum Dare Game Jam, Good Squire is simple casual fun, with the curveball of a protagonist you can only control indirectly..


​In Good Squire, you are of the faithful squire of Ragnar, the idiot viking. Ragnar has lost the love of his life, and wants desperately to find her again. But alas! He has been struck blind by his love. His faithful squire must guide him through peril and hardship.


​Play Below on the official Ludum Dare Website!

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Hony Tawk's Hatchback Stunt Simulator: Ghost Protocol

Another game jam favorite, and the first game the bros ever built together, Hatchback Stunt Simulator is a delightful descent in raucous madness.


​In it, you control a ratty old hatchback, and rack up massive points by pulling off gnarly tricks that always end with an epic explosion. Only, every time you explode, your previous runs replay in an infinite loop, becoming a permanent obstacle to future runs! The Ghost Protocol!


​Play Below on the official Ludum Dare Website!

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Meet the Bros


Eli Delventhal - The Funsmith

Ever since he was small, Eli has been trying to bring joy to others by making games. What started with card games scrawled in a child’s handwriting for the family to play eventually evolved into mastercrafted video games loved by millions. He has shipped dozens of games both professionally and as a hobby and has worked at companies like DeNA, Lumosity, and Flint Games. Throughout it all, Eli’s passion for seeing that special smile that only a good game can bring has never changed. As our Chief Executive Officer, Eli takes this drive and experience and uses it to direct which games we build and the game design within.

Delve Bros Eli.png

Zac Delventhal - The Guru of Tech

As a senior engineer contributing to pioneering open source projects, Fortune 500 moonshots, and start-up dreams, Zac developed a reputation as someone passionate about the small details that make code flexible and maintainable. A former core maintainer of Hyperledger Sawtooth and one of the original architects of Hyperledger Grid, he helped shape the state of modern permissioned blockchains. In the before times, he could be found speaking internationally about open source, functional programming, and the potential and pitfalls of blockchain technology. Acting as our Chief Technology Officer, Zac is the old curmudgeon yelling at us to get off his pristine code-base lawn.

Delve Bros Zac.png
Willem Delventhal.JPG

Willem Delventhal - The Wizard of Joy

Willem is the Business Duder in the Delve Bros. Fresh off of selling his first company, a funky experiment into building scientific games for cats, Willem immediately jumped on board as soon as Eli mentioned creating the Delve Bros. Now working as Chief Operating Officer, Willem is largely responsible for business strategy and logistical stuff. He's an A+ shmoozer and pitcher. He sold his first game when he was just 15, mostly by accident, and started his first company at 20. He believes in the heroic power of games, and even runs an Indie Game Accelerator on the side!

Delve Bros Willem.png

Paying It Forward

We teach Game Development


The Delve Bros believe that Games are the next great art form, and that making them is a powerful tool for personal development.

​We want to spread the love and are offering free Game Development courses. These courses are open to all, with a particular focus on new learners with backgrounds underrepresented in tech.

 Our next course will always be linked below. If you know somebody who has creative tendencies and loves games, but doesn't know where to start, please share this course with them!


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