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The Scan-and-Play Dungeon Crawler

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Now Accepting Pre-Orders

After our successful Kickstarter campaign the Taelmoor team has been working hard to get boxes printed and out the door. If you missed the campaign, don't worry, pre-orders have arrived! Click below to receive Taelmoor in our first wave of distribution.

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An Unexpected Journey

Taelmoor is a cooperative narrative adventure game played with both physical board game pieces and a free scan-and-play mobile app. Working together, you and your friends will explore dungeons and underground lairs, talk to the strange denizens within... and sometimes fight them! Scanning QR codes on interactive objects enables a fun tabletop experience with the best parts of both a board game and a video game. Explore the world of Taelmoor through your smart phone camera and tabletop pieces, with epic tales and dangerous battles.

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Let Us Tell the Story

Taelmoor is a modular system of many parts that combine to create endless stories. The App acts as your guide, dungeon master, and bookkeeper. Forever DMs are no more. Every player is a part of the mystery together, and as you play, the world unfolds in front of you. On one adventure you might defeat the ancient god of plague and contagion, Belgot. On another, you might just blow off some steam at the local tavern. New Scenarios are released over time, allowing endless play.

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Your Power Grows

Taelmoor is chock full of adventures covering the span of an entire world. Choose from one of six starting classes and progress through multi-part scenarios with persistent characters or play one-shots that conclude in under 90 minutes. Upgrade your character's combat abilities with light deck building mechanics. Learn about your past and unique character abilities. Use these abilities, and those of your allies, to complete daring raids and defeat fearsome foes. 

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Whats Included?

The full Taelmoor box is now available for Late Pledge. It includes the following:

  • 6 Playable Classes with Class Cards

  • 21 Map Tiles

  • 7 Door Tiles

  • 7 Passageway Tiles

  • 20 Entity Standees

  • 50 Item Tokens

  • 1 Party Miniature

  • 6 Combat Decks (96 Cards total)

  • 1 Party Inventory Card

  • 6 Quick Reference Cards

  • 8 Scenarios

  • A whole lotta love

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Play the Demo Right Now

Taelmoor is coming to tabletops soon, but in the meantime, the Print and Play Demo is available right this minute! It is totally free. All we ask is you give it a play, tell us what you think, and sign up to our email list to hear about the full release. Even better, invite a friend or two to try it out as well. If you would like to play, click the link below to get instructions.

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